Ship & Port Agency Services

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Ship Chartering & Logistics

PT. Amas Maritim Indonesia handles vessel charters and contracts of carriage representing owners, buyers, sellers and charterers from around the globe with primary goal to provide professional ship brokerage services.

Our chartering service handle vessel charters and contracts of carriage with vast experience in negotiating time-charters and contracts of affreightment, stevedoring, port, rail, truck and terminal rates.

Our company also take charge of other local charterer vessel requirements, from securing the proper vessel to completion of the voyage.

PT. Amas Maritim Indonesia  is the local representative of several world-class ship-brokers from Singapore, UK, Hong Kong as their local agent in Indonesia for specialised ships (product tanker, refrigerated/ pressurised LPG carriers) being chartered to Pertamina Shipping.

PT. Amas Maritim Indonesia offers a wide range of services to handle any international transport needs. Grain, coal, sulphur, potash, concentrates as well as break-bulk shipments, forest products and containerises; the types of cargo we ship are almost unlimited.

Experts at taking an independent view of transportation chains and providing constructive suggestions..