Ship & Port Agency Services

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Port Agency & Husbandry

  • Indonesia has a total of 1.414 ports of which 135 ports are open for foreign trade.  These ports consist of government managed-ports and private/industrial-ports.  As an archipelago, most of Indonesian Ports are in remote the areas where communications and port infrastructures are yet to be developed, thus posing problems to ship-owners, ship-operators &  ship-managers, charterers, and cargo-owners in planning ship assignments, ship monitoring and cargo-handling in day to day operations and/or assisting ship’s master in difficult/emergency situation.

    In these kind of circumstances, you are advised to use a local representative to supervise and protect your interests professionally.

    PT. Amas Maritim Indonesia can offer the widest possible array of port, cargo, general protective agent's and correspondent services in Indonesia to protect the interests of the ship-owners, ship-operators &  ship-managers, charterers, and cargo-owners whilst their ships are in Indonesian waters and ports with round-the-clock supervision e.g:

      • 24 hours prompt replies to inquiries and daily operations in real-time updates 
      • Port disbursement accountability within 14 working days
      • Over 50-years of experience in international shipping agency, port terminal and cargo handling operations and as marketing representative office in Indonesia.
      • Our key management and personnel have sailed as supercargo aboard various (break-bulk/dry-bulk/general cargo) ships and has had working experience in over 30-ports in South East Asia Region (Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and South Thailand).
      • A wealth of countrywide contacts within the Indonesian government and shipping industry, as well as in the export and import trades.
      • Our tight relationship with the port and government authorities gives us a definite edge over our competitors in regards to berthing and/or transit facilities for import/export vessels. Port warehouses can also be arranged for storage of import/export/trans-shipment cargoes.
      • Serving all Indonesian islands and ports for ships, cargoes and bunkering arrangements.
      • Crew handling services for the arrangement of transportation, lodging, government clearing, medical attention and interpreter services.
      • Extremely active and influential in maritime, government and political affairs; to lobby for and promote the best facilities and considerations for our valued principals.