Ship & Port Agency Services

Address: Perkantoran Apartemen Graha Cempaka Mas - Blok B 27, 
Jalan Letjen Suprapto, Jakarta 10640, Indonesia

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Through our nation-wide offices, PT. Amas Maritim Indonesia offers cost efficiencies to protect the interests of the charterers, ship-owners/operators, foreign liners, trampers and cruise vessels calling any Indonesian waters and ports with round-the-clock supervision, to ensure our principals receive a reliable, professional representation at any/all times. Our dedication to this sector creates a long and loyal relationships with our principals.

We offer the widest possible array of  port agency and husbandry, ship brokerage & logistics, liner representation and ship crewing in Indonesia. Our company performs a fully integrated ship services company with a proven track record of serving international ship-owners, ship-operators &  ship-managers, charterers and offshore marine contractors.

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